Glacier Park Elopement Planner


a creative studio where intimate Montana weddings, elopements & entirely personal celebrations are designed, planned & brought to life.


field is here to help you create an environment

that epitomizes who you are,

fill it with love & then party in it. 


We want you to think of Field as your creative collaborator during your wedding planning process—the expert curator, trusted editor & detail master who also totally gets what you’re all about.  When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering whether you’ve ordered salad forks or whether the band will pull too many amps for the venue’s electrical system or whether the napkin color will clash with the tulips, we want you to think: it’s okay, we have Field, and then shut your eyes and have sweet dreams of berry cakes. When you arrive at your own wedding, we want to surprise you with how meaningful, how full of personality (yours!) it all is—so much so that you feel entirely at home and immediately break into a running man to early '90s hiphop.

montana weddings

Field specializes in intimate Montana weddings set in unique locations.  Want to be wed in the late summer shade of pine trees?  Imagining toasting your marriage while cruising in a boat on a mountain lake at sunset? We so agree.



A Montana destination wedding is an ideal way to maximize togetherness with your loved ones.  Spend a long weekend—or a week!—together, adventuring, reconnecting & topping it all off with the celebration of your marriage. We bring our years of experience in Montana eco-tourism to the table, making all of the arrangements for your destination wedding or elopement.

montana elopements

Envisioning your wedding celebration more like a cozy group of twelve at an al fresco dinner party?  Or just the two of you, picnicking in a private meadow?  Field specializes in fully inclusive Montana elopements and very small weddings.




kelsey motes-conners

/ proprietor & creative director


Kelsey began professionally planning celebratory, literary, social and charitable events in 2007.  Designing events in New York City and then in western Montana, she has made it her business to know how a visiting poet takes his gin martinis (with dry, but *not* extra dry, vermouth) or how best to bustle a bride's custom mermaid gown (triple french demi). And it is this careful attention to every personal detail that she offers her clients at Field.  With a masters of fine arts in writing from Columbia University and degrees in printmaking and poetry from the University of Montana, Kelsey believes in the possibility—and necessity—of beauty, most especially when it is unassuming and unexpected. Her background in the arts is balanced, on the other hand, by a love of spreadsheets and checklists and other type-A pleasures.  It is at this intersection of right- & left-brain tendencies that she has built Field—just for you.

the field team


At Field, we take a team approach to your wedding.  Our styling and production teams are comprised of warm, creative individuals who each bring essential skills to our table and to yours: a penchant for timelines, an obsession with precisely folded napkins, a good eye for shades of green, a mixologist’s sense for cocktail garnish options.  We want you to adore the crew of people taking care of you during your wedding planning experience and on your wedding day, to trust your team’s expertise and feel well supported by our professional attention.

Ready to discover the possibilities?